The Virtual Marketing Office

Covid-19 has given us a lot to remember. But Covid-19 has also taught us something important. That we can do a majority of our daily activities remotely.


Thanks to our existing broadband backbone (built for online home entertainment rather than online working!) and which stood up to the test. This was coupled with a host of collaborative team management software (G-Meet, Zoom, Teams, Slack to name a few), providing a ready infrastructure to manage most of our work-related activities online.


To begin with, grocery shopping went online with a vengeance! Followed by restaurants, as soon as they could restart their kitchens. Banks’ online transactions share soon crossed the high nineties. Government also went online with great zest – from tax collection, refunds & fines to managing the humongous Covid vaccination drive!


Most offices managed their work online, with many giving up their offices for smaller ones. Procurement, Sales Management & Accounting went virtual with dedicated software.


Marketing posed challenges – with its need for heavy collaboration linked to planning & execution (with most activities being outsourced), constant plan tracking, tight budget control, multiple approvals, bill-passing – all combined with a need for reporting & analytics.


With Brandintelle, you can finally build your Virtual Marketing Office.

  • Bring all marketing, sales & related data in a single place.
  • With better planningtighter execution processes.
  • And better data visibility which prepares you for frequent analytics.

The Brandintelle Virtual Marketing Office


  • Founded on world-class core information technology. Reduces your investments by integrating with your existing tools. With minimal ‘rip-and-replace’ & minimum disruption. And seamless, end-to-end user experience by integrating with your core systems (Accounting, CRM, Secondary Sales, etc.)
  • Promote virtual collaboration between your teams. Improve collaboration with your agencies, partners & vendors.
  • Encourage flat reporting structures for quicker response. Build virtual relationships with your marketing partners. Make your boundaries permeable for your organization’s benefit.

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Align strategy with omnichannel plans across regions and teams


Authorise marketing budgets across plans and track actual consumption


Single place for all your intra team and parter collaborations


Get the job done with customisable workflows for marketing operations


Pay for what you get and monitor marketing campaigns with proof


Measure, predict and improve marketing efforts, powered by data

Right mix of campaign workflow
management powered by
a marketing attribution engine

Analyze your past campaigns

Build optimal future plans

Marketing Attribution

Make sense of what efforts are working the best for your campaigns

Plan Optimizer

Optimise your plans to the fullest with our marketing allocator engine

Marketing Data Lake

Discover new stories with all your marketing KPI data in a single place

What if Simulator

Predict multiple future scenarios and be ready to pivot as markets change

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